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F2H SERVICES : It is fastest growing indian online retailer ecommerce company. Website : f2hservices.com and F2H farm to home : App :  provided by company; and founded by Prashant S. Deshmukh(founder and CEO) in register head quarter office sinnar, Nasik and Sub branch office in Akole, a.nager. The Company initially started as an online marketplace for Fresh Vegetables, Fruits and Fresh Grocery. But later expanded to sell electronics, firniture, food, ready to eat hotel foods, Beauty Parlour services, Brand Store, Baby products, Toys, and Monthly essentials. And now a days company is going to start plumbing, painting,car washing, and regullar needs services soon. Now we offer to create your online store and sell or promote your products with us. This is trusted indian online multivender ecommerce company.

Product and Services :

     F2H farm to home app and f2hservices.com’s product lines available Special deals for a day, Brand Store, Appliances offers, Popular Deals, Farm Fresh offers, Kitchen Essentials, House hold Utilities, Break fast Store, Monthly Essentials, Personal care, Baby Products, Pet food, Beauty Parlour, Ready to eat, foot ware offers.

     Now a days f2hservices.com going to start Taxi cab services, plumbing, electritian,home cleaning, moving and packers,caterers, Hall booking for marridge and Birthday parties and event management.etc.

     company provide best online platform to sell and promote products for its vendor. vendor’s can be a manufaturers, distributors, retailers, plumber, electrition, hotel owner or operater, small scale industries products. and they who made homemade products also.

because our CEO’s dream is to make india digital from metro city to our small town, Everyone can sell their products online with us.

  • Frequentely Asked Question :
  • What is F2H Services?

ans. f2hservices.com is one of fastest growing company in india. The first offerings were launched in 2017 to provide online services for retailers and our valuable customers

  • What is f2hservices exactly?

ans. f2hservices.com is multivender ecommerce company in india. Registered office in sinnar, Nasik, and operated sub branch office in Akole, A.Nager. Our Venders can Sell and promot their products on our online platform with marketing and shipping facillity.

  • What is F2H Farm to Home?

f2hservices.com provide this android app for our valuable customer where they can come to find and discover anything they might want to buy online.

  • What is f2hservices.com or F2H farm to home and how it  works?

ans: Order Fulfillment

     Once a customer submits his order., F2hservices.com;s backend system starts working. Orders from third party sellers an routed to F2H pick up and delivery centers, that allows the company to consistently deliver faster and offer cheper prices to customers.

  • What type of company f2hservices is?

ans: f2hservices.com and F2H farm to home App is an indias multivender ecommerce retailer company. It is known as fastest growing indian online shopping company / Store.

  • How does F2h services or F2H farm to home App has so many products?

ans : f2hservices.com and F2H farm to home App has so many product because so many product seller trust them to sell their products. and allow them to use the storefront website of f2hservices and F2H farm to home App to promote their products for sale.

  • Who created F2H services?

ans : This startup story features Prashant S. Deshmukh; The innovative founder of F2Hservices.com’. The company which now holds the title as Indias fastest growing online retailer was started out of mr. prashant’s grocery store in augast 2017.

  • Is f2hservices multivender company?

Ans: f2hservices.com allows you to create an online marketplace in f2hservices.com and F2H Farm to Home App, Independent vendors can sell their products through a single storefront. Venders are selling happily on this digital platform.

  • Who can Sell On f2hservices.com?

ans: all manufactures, destributors,retailers, grocery stores, beauty parlours, gift shops, varies service providers like plumber, electrition etc. and  all our bussinessman and bussiness woman’s who willing to sale their producs can create their own online store on f2hservices.com and F2H farm to home App.

  • How can we become f2h vendors?

ans: Our Quick and easy vendor registration allows vendor’s to register with complete details. Unique vendor account is created for each vendor. They can sale their products in just few seconds of simple registration.

  • Is shipping provide by f2h services?

In many areas covered and we will cover soon in all district and talukas in maharashtras by giving our pickup and delivery centers.

  • Can we start f2h pickup and delivery centers in my area?

ans : Ofcourse Yes. If you are honest and hard worker, you can apply for f2hservices pickup and delivery centers. we are just start to finding the candidate in all district and taluka of maharstra. That is great oportunity to join us in this profitable field.

visit our f2hservices.com or download App from play store F2H farm to home.

For more information please fill free to ask : contact@f2hservices.com

whats app or call on customer care no. 7972901221.

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